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Photoshop Tutorials Coming Soon

To download a free* version of Photoshop, see here: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=cs2_downloads

Anyways, I’m thinking of posting some Photoshop tutorials soon! (If I can keep this feeling, it WILL happen).

Here is just some things I think you need to know when getting started with Photoshop(Note: I will be using CS6 for the tutorials, although it’s still pretty much the same thing in CS2):

History Panel- The history panel shows every click that you’ve done, assuming it has affected your file in any way.

Once you download Photoshop and open it, it might be worth it to change how many items are stored in the History before they are deleted. To do this, go to Edit>Preferences>Performance>History and Cache Section, then change the number of History States. The default is 20. I suggest moving it to at least 400. Personally, I prefer mines at 1000, which is the max.

The Selection Tools- You use these to select and isolate only certain areas of your file.

A situation where you would want to use one of these is to remove a certain part of a picture. You would then be able to use the Magic Wand tool (third red box) and click on the part that you want to remove, then click backspace on your keyboard to remove it. You can also select what you want to keep, then Inverse it to select everything else BUT what was originally selected. To Inverse, click Shift+Ctrl+I.

Layers- With layers, you can imagine it like pieces of paper. When you add a layer, it’s like adding another piece of paper on top of what you already have. You can make layers hidden, show them, or move the order of layers. You can also mess with the opacity of the layers or change the layer effects.



Aaaannnnddd…that’s all I have for now. The rest of the tools are fairly obvious, such as the Move tool. I would just open it up and experiment with what’s there, and try things out.

Stay tuned for more.


*Technically, you can only install and use these IF you already have purchased Photoshop CS2 and still need to use it for some reason. A similar technically applies to Facebook account holders having to be 13 years of age. I’m not suggesting anything- just merely pointing that out.

For Males Only – “Women are EASY to Understand”



Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I see a lot of articles by both men and women claiming that “women are hard to understand.” Why do people find women so complex and difficult to decipher? I figured it was my duty to provide some basic pieces of information for those “lost souls” that cannot understand the opposite sex. You may thank me later world.

Women want a manly man. They want a guy that can rundown a bull and belt out poetry while fighting bad guys with one hand. One tip I hand to men is to always carry a whistle on a date. This isn’t a “rape whistle,” but in fact a “notice me asshole Taxi Driver” whistle! Nothing is more emasculating than franticly trying to wave down a taxi and getting passed by time and time again. Then the woman raises a pinky and “WALLAH” your chariot has arrived! I have solved this problem…

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Top 3 Reads on APT

Here’s the link to my personally favorite posts on this blog. Ah..too bad all of my posts can’t be as beautiful as these :’)

Note: The ordering does not matter.


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Running Toward Goals

On Friday, my PE class had to run a mile (and it was a test too) so I had to get within around 8 minutes for an A.

I ended up jogging the entire mile, without any break, and got it in 9 minutes and 40 seconds. YAAAAAAAAY!!!

That was my best time ever.

Before it was our class’s turn to run the mile on the track, there was this guy who, at the end of his final lap, ran even faster to get to the finish. I don’t know how that inspired me to try jogging the entire mile, but it did.

Now, I’m thinking of running the entire next mile too :)


Why My Blog is No Different from Yours

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I don’t work for WordPress. I have seen some comments speculating that I do… which I find amusing since if I did indeed work for WordPress I probably wouldn’t be blogging so much would I? I think it is people trying to find an “excuse” for why other people are successful. I read a long string of reasons why they feel their own website isn’t worth reading so I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast some of the more popular ones.

My website is plain and I don’t even own my domain. No one would want to visit my blog.” The only think I paid for was my domain. I still use a FREE template and all customizations done on this website were done by me. It took time and effort, but it was worth learning “how.” You can use excuses all day to explain why people…

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I Don’t Even..

Remember how previously the most craved game was Flappy Bird?

Well, now its something else, and its on the opposite end of the spectrum.

A TON of people at my school are now playing a number game called 2048. It went from a mindless game of simple tapping to a game focused on speed and math. What. Just. Happened.


There’s a screen shot of it on the Play Store.

Personally, this seems like a nerd game, or maybe its just my resentment towards randomly popular games talking.