Facebook Scam (Or at least, I think it’s a Scam)


So that’s a comment that was found repeatedly on one of my friend’s photos. Let’s go through and see what happens..


That’s the picture. Now if we click on the first link..


Then we click on the Auto Link image, and we get to a page that plays a pretty awesome tune, but what it will do if you follow all directions will not be so awesome..

Now..we get here:


AND after clicking “Ok”..


Here is where things get risky. It shows that you have to copy and paste the link you get when you click “Ok” (the text box not shown), but the image failed to show the text in RED. See..


The red basically says that you SHOULD NOT share the link with ANYONE and to treat it like your password. In the link, you could (or couldn’t) see that it says “access token” and “special access token”, so guess what? When used correctly, the person can access your Facebook account(I’m almost certain of this), and thus, spread the link to all your friends..

Now if we just submit the link(I am putting a fake one), nothing. (._.)

I think it might be because I put in a fake link, but don’t bet on me giving them the real one..

Any comments?





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