Back to the Age of No Electricity


*cue dramatic music*

It was a cold and stormy day.. I..was on the computer, nothing to do..just talking with a few people. And in the living room, my mom was watching TV. It seemed like nothing could go wrong, but that was where I was wrong. The lights flickered on and off then shut down. We had no power!

At first I was okay with it because I wasn’t hungry for dinner yet, and my laptop still has full battery.
Then I realized that the Internet at my home wouldn’t work without power..and I was struck with nostalgic thoughts for an hour ago when the Internet was on.

But it really wasnt that bad. My dad watched the Neighborhood show, while I played Temple Run. Later, I showed my dad me playing Temple Run, and he thought it was easy, until his highest score 50,000 and he was just lucky enough to get pass the second obstacle.

The gas oven we had also didn’t work, so we had to settle for a pressure gas cooking machine device thing, that spewed flames to engulf the pot that was on it multiple times.

One other thing from last night.. my dad saw fruit ninja and thought it was easy..until I beat him 50-30.

So..the lesson for, last night? Be thankful for what you have. It was hard to live without power, so imagine those cavemen who live without electricity, or even running water (other than from a river).



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