Blogging is a Great Experience

When you blog, you get to meet other people..who also have different climates than you. It’s amazing to me that it can be cold and snowing in one area, and in a other, it is scorching hot, while there are even other areas that are temperate.

Blogging is a good experience for someone to have, especially if you have friends along the way.

Thank you everybody (:


If you were wondering, NO I AM NOT QUITTING BLOGGING..Sorry to give you false hope there ;D

lol, and yea, I know this is a corny post..just wait till you see the post on the 12th.. It is practically the opposite of this..


6 thoughts on “Blogging is a Great Experience

  1. ikr! where do you live? (i sound creepy now dont i…) anyways im up in ct (in the us) and it snowed, we didnt have school on friday. no cmt makeups!! (cmt is a test we take near the end of the school year…its pretty big…)

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