Good Morning (:

How are you today? That’s good..assuming you didn’t say that you just got run over by a truck..cause you might want to see a doctor about that.

Today started with me cleaning up junk files on my HP laptop..

I used the uninstaller that came with Iobit Advanced System Care (great product..and it’s free, unlike most of the other system optimizers) to remove all the junk programs on my computer.

After that, I went to work using CCleaner to remove all the extra junk left behind from uninstalling that the Iobit Uninstaller didn’t catch.

THEN..I used Microsoft’s disk cleanup to finish off even more extra files.

After that, I used Advanced System Care to find and fix a whole truckload of stuff.

And another thing after that.. Using Iobit’s Disk Defragmenter to, well, defragment the’s a pretty simple concept, considering that “defragmenter” is right in the name of the product.

After all of that, I run Razor’s Game Booster and let it optimize my computer, but it usually ends up saying that my system is already at peak performance after all of this..

Finally, I run McAfee’s Virtual Technician, just in case any of the above programs did something wrong to my antivirus.

Forgot to mention something.. I also end up scanning the computer with SUPER AntiSpyware and Spybot Search&Destroy (not at the same time), somewhere in between those programs above..

Here is a picture of my current disk space in drive C..


And here is the results from today’s scan with Advanced SystemCare:


Right now, SuperAntiSpyware came with this amount of ‘threats’:


Its still scanning, so there might be more..

Busy morning. [:



4 thoughts on “Good Morning (:

  1. you forgot to clear your internet history…might want to do that. oh, and the doctor said theres nothing to worry about, although if i get hit by a taxi in new york theres probly gonna be a problem.

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