Just Saying For All To Hear..

Fair use.

That’s the thing that lets you use material without it being an infringement on copyright.

Fair use allows you to create parodies of music or something related.

But it can only go to an extent.

Just to keep things extremely simple, you cannot do something with the material that causes the author of the material to lose income. That can mean views, or money. For example, using an Ad Blocker would block ads, and the author of the site would lose income.

CoolMath Games putted it nicely.

Now here is me ranting..the whole thing is a metaphor..only a few will actually understand what I am saying by this..


If something is available for everyone to use, such as a sample picture for your Windows desktop, and let’s say that sample picture was of a tree. You also have the same tree picture on your computer. Just because you use the tree, doesn’t mean you can tell others that they can’t use the tree. They have access to the same tree too. And it came with their computer, the same way your tree came with your computer. Others should be able to use the tree too. But if your reasoning was that because you used the tree first, them using the tree would be copying you? Yes, it could be, but you should understand that someone else had the tree before you. And they probably used it. So, by your logic, YOU would also be the copier. The tree was given to Windows users to use (assuming here), and just because you used it first, doesn’t mean you can tell others from not using it. Technically yes, they would be a copier, but wouldn’t you be one too?

Yes, you can still believe that they are copying you. It doesn’t matter there. You can live in your realm where every little   use of the same tree would be copying. But I believe it would be wrong for you to spread the notion that they copied you, because what if, after all, they were innocent? You have no way of guaranteeing that they weren’t innocent (in most cases).


Just me ranting on and on here (._.)



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