WeatherCube Rolls Out Their Latest iOS Update

The app that had won their spotlight in the App of the Week glory, finally has an update!


WeatherCube is now at version 1.3.4. I honestly don’t use the app, but I still have it anyways.. And I always like it when an app updates.. 😀

Included in this update are:
-the ability to listen to dubstep- erm, I mean music when on the app
-faster Facebook and Twitter logging in.. So you can quickly share your weather to the world for would-be thieves.. You wouldn’t want them at your house in a hurricane, right?
-There is more contrast to text, which increased readability by 47% according to their professors..would it hurt to increase readability by 50%? Well, at least we got something..even if I never had a problem with reading from this app..
– plus some other location related thing that I am not bothering to go over because you can just read that in the picture, and if you can’t, too didn’t really need to read this if you don’t even have the app..



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