I Hate You McAfee..


Why I hate McAfee:

  • Microsoft Security Center doesn’t detect McAfee..it used to..until yesterday..
  • Sometimes McAfee Real-Time Scanning is still “starting” even after  500 hours
  • Sometimes when I turn on the computer, the Real-Time Scanning is off..then I turn it on..and it goes back off..repeatedly
  • With the Real-Time Scanning problem, the program checks for updates..My computer is not protected, and all you do is check for UPDATES?
  • McAfee’s UI is old..same thing..and very similar to the 2011 version
  • Its slow. Just plain slow.
  • It seems weird to me that I am always able to get it for free (after mail-in rebate) at Office Depot..
  • Okay..that last one wasn’t really a reason why I hate McAfee, but why doesn’t Norton or Trend Micro ever do something like that?



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