An App That Does Your Math Homework For You..! :D

UPDATE: There’s a newer app called PhotoMath, and it’s even better because it also tells you how to do the problem. The only issue is that it doesn’t support really complex equations, nor does it support reading handwriting. It only reads printed equations.

To use it, all you do is open the app and point the camera at the math problem.

This app is available on the Google Play store App Store, and Amazon App Store.


This iOS app does the math for you!

And best thing is that its free!

All you do is draw out a math problem, and it will detect what you are trying to let it solve, and it also show the work. For example, I wrote “Pi(the symbol of it)=” and it came with:


And if you wanted to go a little more complicated:


This app doesn’t support using variables though..and if you write horrible, the app might translate what you meant to something else..

How did I find this app? The App Store. It is #6 on the Top 10 Apps that Wow list. Plus, it has a great rating on the App Store:



Side note for you annoying people: I do not encourage you to use this app to cheat on your math homework, or other related things. I am not endorsed or sponsored by this app.


9 thoughts on “An App That Does Your Math Homework For You..! :D

  1. Cool :3 I’m decent at maths, so I don’t think I need it and my handwriting would probably be illegible and the app would translate it to something else …

  2. According to the order of operations, what step should be performed first when simplifying the following expression?

    nine plus four times three cubed plus four minus one





    • The order of operations is PEMDAS. First, you’ll do parentheses, then exponents, then multiplication, then division, then addition, then subtraction (although there are slight exceptions to multiplication and division, and subtraction and addition).

      For your problem, you would do the exponent first.

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