It’s..*Gulp*.. Lonely.(._.)

Tomorrow is school..-.-

School-y is tomorrow. -.-

It seems like the latest thing everyone is talking about is “inappropriateness”, “hackers”, and “scammers”. Can’t we take a break from all this horrible stuff and criticism? Like one day..* preferably one that causes a school holiday* where we just all live in peace..without want, jealousy, grudge, or criticism. Just one day. Wouldn’t that be a nice break?

AND..the title. Nobody is talking on Pink’s chat. Not much people is on it. Rose isn’t commenting (lol..I miss those comments :3 even though its awkward when we talk in live chat.. especially when you keep leaving without saying anything – just saying). And there’s another person..but I’m not gonna mention who..

Fruit..I’ve always wondered what happened to her..>.< I don’t necessarily miss her, but I do wish the best for her.. maybe even if she’s actually pinkyy2219 (I think that’s the username), but that would be an unexpected turn of events.

And I think WordPress hates my guts.



21 thoughts on “It’s..*Gulp*.. Lonely.(._.)

  1. ok. sorry for not commenting. alot has been going on in my personal life (me and my mom get into fights, i sleep till 3 in the afternoon, ect,) and my parents take away computer. i sometimes cant go on the computer at night, because my parents wont let me after 9 -.- and im 13 yrs old. yea. ill try to talk more, im just busy at the moment XD. and im also annoyed at ppl talking about scammers, although it is a pain in the *** to deal with them, someone asked me to double trade my blonde braids. (yeah right.) and i lost my cupid arrow to another. but, i try not to dwell on the past, and learn from my mistakes. srry this was long. -Rose

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