I’m At Peace Right Now

Really good feeling (:

I know that Princess MooMoo’s blog got suspended (and if not resolved, deleted forever), but I can’t worry about that right now.. I just stayed up most of the night worrying about my rabbit..>_

Tip to Princess-MooMoo: Don’t bother to upload your blog backup to another WordPress.com URL.. it will suspend that too.. and if you decided to go BlogSpot, don’t upload your backup to that either.. it messes up the comment section..unless you exported without comments. Hope you get everything resolved soon. Sidenote: I read all the posts on your topic, and I’m thinking it came as a surprise to you that your blog did get suspended, after you said that it wouldn’t.  And before you said that advertising was not wrong and that everyone was trying to scare you, you really should’ve read the TOS that the one volunteer linked for you…>. < hope the best for you..

Note to others: Screaming at WordPress is not going to help anything..they are strict about their TOS, and its really just MooMoo's business, but we could make her feel better, by saying stuff.. I guess, lol

Now back to my almost happy life right now..

WOOHOO..IM FREE FROM ALL THAT STRESS..GOODBYE UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR..or if something else goes horribly wrong..



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