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Now to the introduction..

Thanks and Welcome to my fantastic blog! Feel free to take a look around, stay a bit longer, and follow the blog! (: A little about me: I owned 3 blogs, title Jeff Fantage Blog, Random Blogger, and Almost Perfect Thoughts..respectively c: This blog is managed by me, Jeff, with the help of a few selected authors. We will be happy to keep you as a regular viewer! If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them anywhere on this blog, or even take our Feedback survey to help better improve this blog. Pleasure to be here with you(:

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44 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • You can get it right now! Even though I was planning on..never mind..

      Just post a item. I need to now if its in the back or not, what the item is, and the username to offer it on. You can see the value of the board at Fantage Sales.

  1. Can u censor tis: can u help moi blog? Like to test my viewers when they view my blog, can u b on of the testers? This is private so I’m letting u hav some info:
    > Lvl 1-ed
    > Lvl 2-
    > Lvl 4-
    > Lvl 5-
    > Lvl 6-s
    > So yea.. I’ll giv u more info if ur willing to help out… Hehe.. So can u help?

    • No..sry can’t x.x and i hardly understood wht you wrote lol..I’m busy trying to get more points on Prize Rebel, and i’m busy trying to get a semi perfect pet on W101..

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