Weirdest Dream Last Night

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase know how yesterday I posted about that movie I hated? Well, I had a dream that was related to it.  And random fact: your dreams are often mirrored from what your subconscious is thinking..(or something like that).


In the dream, my computer had several critical viruses. And, the virus prevented me from opening programs to remove it. So I logged out of Windows, and logged in on Ubuntu(I have Windows and Ubuntu installed on my computer). I then ran ClamTK (It’s an AV for Linux) and it found those viruses. And I only deleted one of them with the program. And apparently, it would’ve taken too long to let the program to kill all of them, so I bought a bottle filled with liquid that apparently kills computer viruses.


So then I did something, and all the viruses were removed from the computer, and brought out into real life. They were mainly over large bugs.. like giant ants..


So I put them in the liquid.. and long story short, I didn’t get to find out if the liquid worked or not.





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