Worst. movie. Ever. ~.~”

I hate the movie my mom is watching.. It is a Chinese drama series where the “futuristic” people can go and play in this virtual world where everything takes place in the past. I wish everyone in the movie would explode so it would end..

And in it, one of the male main characters remotely infected another guy’s computer with malware so that guy would glitch in the virtual world..all because the first hacker guy wasn’t getting his way in the game. His fault for having bad sportsmanship..

And even stupider, a robot fights with the malware, instead of using a good antivirus software to help or something.. And their cellphones are completely clear, which is a great concept, but it would be hard to find if you ever lost it.

In one of the “control” rooms, everything is all white..even the people there are wearing white jump suits in front of their computers. And the door is clear..which doesn’t really give much privacy..and it doesn’t close by itself after you unlock it with your hand.



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