Fantage Michelle Dinner Date Event

[Please ignore this link. Don’t click on it. It is for my purposes only to refer back to]


This event is the most..different..

So, you go hunting for clothes that Michelle and her date lost.


You can also buy costumes to serve looks nice, but its too expensive.


Here is the basics that are happening at the event:


Here is where you can find the items that Michelle and Zack lost:








Pet Town- There is suppose to be a medal to the left of me, but I already clicked on it.

That’s it.. but..I wanted to say something to those who thought this event was “inappropriate”.

It is undeniable that approximately 50-75% (I would say) of the Fantagian population is in their teens/preteen.

AND, Fantage had shown their acceptance towards the older age group by creating an official Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, almost all (I would actually think all) if the games on Fantage are geared towards the lower age group, so they are somewhat childish, so this action, of creating this event, is a good “in-the-middle” compromise.


EXTRA NOTE: I installed Kaspersky Virus Scanner (the on-demand one), and here is what I get:

kaspersky on demand scanner excerpt


Ain’t nobody got time for that..

Oh..and the post about the pop-ups will be coming soon..I want to make a complicated one myself, just to show how you can have it to seem like a virus..there are some people that you shouldn’t use these those that would get a heart attack every time a sound comes from their computer…if so, this will kill them.


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