The Story of the Best Friends I’ve Had..

Here is a story. Of all the best friends that I’ve had, up until 5th grade, because that’s when it all ended..

In kindergarten..idk.. I didn’t talk to anyone..

In first grade.. I think it was this grade..okay..I’m not going by grade anymore..

I once had this friend named something..I think it was Gavin, not positive though..and there is someone at my school now named Gavin.. It may have been him..still not sure though…

And then there was Aklia, idk how to spell her name. I hated her the first day I met her..then the next day, we were best friends..for some reason.. Oh..and I remember that she was in, from India.

And there was Matt…who is still my friend…we just don’t talk that much anymore.

Ignacio.. Chillan..from Chile.. he went to different school than me for middle school. No..I think he left after 4th grade.. Last memory of him..when we were just talking and walking around a tree in front of our third grade classroom..

I was also friends with someone named Rebecca for a while during elementary.. we pretended to be horses along the baseball field:3

Oh…and the latest..Brandon.. we talked about Pokemon throughout most of 5th grade.. we were also playing this game.. and it ended with him stuck in a portal.. and I just realized the solution right now.. -.-” he went to a different middle school..

that’s it..I think..

I’m getting nostalgic now.. -.-”


The good days..


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