How To Make a Fake Error Message

Here is the post I promised!

All you need is:

  • Notepad
  • Typing Skills
  • Keyboard
  • Functioning computer
  • Other Fundamental computer supplies

Okay..but seriously..all you need is Notepad and the ability to follow instructions..this is going to be really short..because it is easy..

  1. Open Notepad and Copy/Paste this simple message: x=msgbox (“message here” ,16, “title here”)
  2. Edit that message to say something. Where it says “message here”replace the ‘message here’ part with a message. This will be the message that appears in the part where the OK button would be. For this example, I am going to change it to “This is a sample message”. MAKE SURE THAT YOU KEEP THE QUOTATION MARKS THERE. If you accidentally erased it, retype it back in.
    Screenshot_2(Ignore the cursor line)
  3. Now you need to change the title. Change the title by editing this section: “title here”. For this example, I will change ‘title here’ to ‘APT Sample Message’. If you accidentally erased the quote marks, please put it back, or else it won’t work.
  4. Now to the tricky part. You now have to save the document. Save it as *.vbs. The ‘*’ part means that you can put anything there (please don’t put a period mark though). After putting a simple file name (such as “Sample Qwerty”), you MUST add “.vbs” to the end of that, as said earlier. So for example, I would put mine as SampleMessage.vbsIf you do not put the .vbs ending, this will not work. Oh..forgot to save the document, go to File, then click Save As.
  5. You are done! Now you can add more lines, and it will work the same. The lines would show up in chronological order. To see what you have created, open your file!

To further customize the message, see the end of this post. If you want to know how to create more cool stuff using Notepad, see here.

AND, if you want to see a more complicated version of this type of trick, you can download what I made here. Some security suites, such as BitDefender, may say that the download contains a virus, but it does not. The program I made is COMPLETELY harmless. Avast and McAfee does not say the program is a virus.  Please also note that I advise you to save any unfinished work before continuing past the first screen of the program. This program that I created is completely harmless. Please try  not to freak out and scream at what each window says.

Please read the next section only after you’ve ran my program all the way through..because this is a spoiler.


For Windows 98/XP: To cancel shutting down, open Run. You can open Run via the Start menu. Then, type shutdown -a exactly as shown and press OK. Make sure a space exists between ‘-a’ and ‘shutdown’. By running this command, you will cancel shutting down.

For Windows Vista/7:  To cancel shutting down, open the Start menu, and type this in the search box: shutdown -a  This will cancel shutting down. Make sure a space exists between ‘-a’ and ‘shutdown’. Then press enter right away if you don’t want to wait for Windows to load the search results. This method may also work for Windows 8. I am not sure.

To stop the disk drive from ejecting all the time, open Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, find the process named wscript.exe, click on it, then click End Process. You either have to end this process or restart your computer to stop your disk drive from ejecting. This method works for all versions of Windows.


If you have any problems/questions, feel free to comment them.




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