Just Something I Wanted To Say

There is always that one guy who puts,”stop watching porn,” as an answer on Yahoo! Answers whenever someone asks


The Yahoo! Answers green smiley.

The Yahoo! Answers green smiley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


for ways to remove/prevent malware from getting on their computer, even if the person made no mention of pornography. And if your infected, when you stop visiting whatever you are visiting, that’s not gonna make the virus say,”Oh look, he stopped visiting that site..I guess I’ll kill myself now.” The virus would be still on your computer. Until you remove it.


If you are one of those people that gives the *cough cough* worthless *cough cough* answers as seen above, you should know that there are more infected non-pornographic websites than infected pornographic websites. And there are some real pornographic sites that do want to earn your business. So in reality, you have a higher chance of getting malware by a website like Walmart.com than a pornographic website.


Also.. legitimate websites get hacked all the time..Hackers can put a hidden iframe to a malicious website on the hacked site..and sometimes they even use the Blackhole exploit on hacked sites to infect their viewers.


Did you know? There are websites on Tor that allows you to hire hit men and professional hackers. Not that I’ve tried it..you need the specific address..and I only learned this by reading a post on Naked Security..






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