New Contest!

Fantage CoffeeMugs

*UPDATE* Another prize for first place is the password to the “Awesome stuff for the observant!” page!!!
Ok, so this is a recolor contest! Here is how it will be judged:

/20: Amount that you recolor
Did you recolor the whole picture? Do all the colors fit well together?
/15: How much is the picture changed?
Did you add anything/take anything out? How well does it fit if you added anything?
/10: Background
Is there a different background? If so, how does it fit with the picture? Can I see a theme?

Extra Points:
+5For reblogging this contest.
+10For having the arms/legs in a different position
+5For adding in another fantagian

Do your best!

I almost forgot! Here are the prizes!
First place: 10000 ecoins+My account for 1 day
Second place: 5000 ecoins+Flying Heart Board
Third place: 2500 ecoins


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