BlueStacks~Run Android Apps On Your PC


**As of the time of posting this, this app is in beta. It may crash, freeze, or stop responding. Results of usage vary from user to user.**

This free beta program allows you to run and use Android apps on your computer. It is available for Windows and Mac.

This program works well for me..I’m able to run Kik without any problems. That’s all Ive used it all really.

There is a chance that this program will not be free anymore once it exits beta, because of the way below is worded:

See Inside Blue Box


On my Windows 7 computer, installation of the program and its notification center took 40.48 MB:

Why not give this program a try? Its free right now anyways..

Download BlueStacks here.




10 thoughts on “BlueStacks~Run Android Apps On Your PC

  1. everytime I try downloading it, it gets through the extracting part, but then a popup says “Bluestacks installer has stopped running” then it just closes

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