SCAM: FileIce Downloader- No Survey-ZippyShare [Video is no longer available]

That video is a scam. The program this person made claims to allow you to bypass a survey on FileIce, but when you download it, you would find that the file is password protected, so “it won’t be abused”..which is one of the worst lies anyone could ever tell..the actual purpose of putting a password is so they will get money. Downloads for “passwords” are usually held at FileIce or other file sharing sites that require you to complete a survey, which can earn the uploader(in this case, this would be the “scammer”) around $1. Now if you have 100 people falling for this scam, you can easily get $100.

To top off the fact that the password is “survey protected”, it takes you through an link..which earns the scammer even more cash.

That video has over 7,000 views..and if all those people fell for it, and each survey was worth $1, he already made 7K. In only about a month.

If you look over to the comments section, you see that comments are awaiting approval..which means that if there are any comments at all, they would all probably be positive comments, and not any negative ones. This doesn’t allow much of a user insight as to whether this is real or not. Here is what happens when you try to comment:


If you check the YouTube channel, it only has one video. Its not a trustworthy account.

By watching the video, you can see the nature of the program. And it doesn’t seem real..because once he clicked on that Download button on his program, the file appeared right away. No “downloading” or anything. I also noticed that he didn’t open the file to prove that it is not corrupted or anything. And if you look at the icon, its of a piece of paper. Which is pretty much the icon that means, “Windows can’t open need a third party program.”

If you think that it is real because it allows him to open the FileIce link in a browser, think it this way: He only tested one link. He could’ve set the button to take it to his FileIce link. Then it will look authentic   And his FileIce link that he was trying to download is a Club Penguin thing. Which may mean the uploader is a kid.

Be suspicious for these kinds of things. And don’t click on surveys. It gets you nothing, while the uploader gets all the money.


Edit: Also read my other post about File Ice downloaders in general here:


45 thoughts on “SCAM: FileIce Downloader- No Survey-ZippyShare

  1. How do they get likes?, not dislikes?, and how do people comment when the uploader did not wan’t you to comment? like comment pending approval, how do they?

    • The dislikes of the video pretty much evens out with the likes. I think what happened was that the person saw the video, clicked the link, and saw that you didn’t have to do a survey to download it, then s/he liked the video, and closed out of the tab.

      Well, the comments are pending approval, so it’s up to the uploader’s jurisdiction whether to approve it or not. There is no guaranteed that your comment will be approved and made public to everyone.

  2. OMG 100% True Thanks 4 Clear It Up 4 Me ! I Spend Hours & Houres On The Internet To Find A Fileice Downloader Without Surveys Or Password Cause I Can’t Pass Suveys & Still Didn’t Find One… 😦 & Thanks Again 4 Posting This , I Owe You One :p & If You Know Any Fileice Downloader Without Survey Please Let Me Know I Reallly Need It 🙂

    • no prob! when i find a fileice downloader without surveys, I will be sure to post it here.

      I dont think there can be a true fileice downloader though.
      FileIce is an agressive way to monetize your file, but using a FileIce downloader(that works) will lose the publisher money (although I think 90% of the FileIce downloads are only to make money off of other people’s work, and if someone did manage to download something from it, it wouldn’t work).

  3. Tnx for the info, i really do believe that it is possible to hack fileice for free? am i right i know 1 anonymous hacker in our place and he said that it is easy for them to hack that site.. but he mourns 5,000 bucks for it…xD?! and he said if i would pay that to them i would own the site.. well its hard for me to believe..

    • if you want him to hack the site for $5,000 just for one download, i think it would be better to just buy enough credits on fileice or something..xD

      even if i was rich, i still wouldnt do that. you honestly can never tell if they are scamming or not.

    • from the looks of the comments, it looks like that a lot of people got it already. I wouldn’t waste my time then..*assuming it is legit* all the credits are probably gone by now. You can try if you want..but like I said earlier, if it is just to download one FileIce file, it would be a waste of time to get that account (since you have to do a survey/offer, and you aren’t 100% positive that it will work). if you do end up trying to download it, good luck! I hope it works for you.

  4. HI Jeff, I am new to this site but is this site real… (Amazon Gift Card Generator). I do not know if it is real or not because Amazon Gift Cards do not have to be activated at the till and other kinds do. The videos of Amazon Generators all seem totally real. seeing people having it and pressing to generate, then when they refresh giftcard balance it says the added credits part, no photoshopping, accurate and no film editing! I have been trying to find a way to get an ipad mini 16gb wifi free. I have been using downloaders to get downloaders to get downloaders to get a bypass/hack/downloader. Every single generator or whatever leads me to THE ANNOYING FILEICE/FILEARM/INKT!!! Well Jeff, please send me a reply to [email removed], as I do not check sites for replies to my comments often. Thank you.

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  5. I like this post. At first i want to get fileice downloader because i stuck on mobile phone survey, and then i looked for minecraft premium account generator/minecraft gift code generator. On YouTube i see the vids have to generate the real gift code an have many subscriber and positive comment but when i download that, it just a rar or extension with password and when i ask for non survey password to the comment it has same problem with you it just pending approval. Does the generator and account minecraft is real if you think?? Thanks

    • Personally, I don’t think it’s real. Whenever you see so many positive comments on a YouTube video about that type of thing, I check to see if most of the accounts are new or not. If it’s new, then the person who made the video could’ve just made all those accounts to comment the positive things.

    • Hi,

      You probably have gotten malware from installing it. Try booting your computer in SafeMode and running a malware scanner like Malwarebytes.

      That may resolve the problem.


  6. Jeff…pls help me.
    I just wanted to download fileice downloader and i got too many malwares on my compute..
    so pls send me one fileice downloader on my email id.pease……..

    • Hi,

      It’s a waste of time to try to find a FileIce downloader, because they’re all fake. The only place I know of to POSSIBLY (I haven’t tried or even searched myself) get one is from PirateBay.

      As long as you have an antivirus program installed, and you leave it on, malware becomes much less of a threat.

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