Prom Hair Trade Update #1

ღRandom Thoughtsღ

Okay, So far I got some pretty good offers,but I also got some people trying to rip me off.( If I’m going to try to trade something good i should be smart about it and get help from other people.) I got offered the Brown Basketball Hair, but they cancelled it. 😦 It was new-ish too so idk….(I wish I had enough ecoins to buy it when the event was going on.)The offer number goes downward.



I like this hair, but I’m not sure yet….



I don’t like how this hair looks, but it’s a limited item. Also since it doesn’t look as good, I might not get anything good from it.



I liked this board, but it’s a rare item, so I’ll have to check if they have it still. But if they don’t would it still be a good offer?



I like the hair and they…

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3 thoughts on “Prom Hair Trade Update #1

  1. If I offer, would you have a high chance of accepting an item from 2010 (you can’t get it anymore, it’s a 2010 headband and its pink) because ever since I joined, I don’t really want it anymore.

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