How the World Works.. just amazing. When there is a disaster, people don’t give up. They keep on trying. Even if it seems hopeless.

People still try to achieve something even after being told no.

Martin Luther King Jr. His cause was pretty much useless. But he still tried..and in the end, African Americans gained full rights(after his death from a balcony).

The Holocaust. The Jews(and Gypsies, bisexuals, etc.) stuck it out instead of committing suicide(although I’m sure many did). And for some, that waiting paid off..when the Allies liberated the Nazi, while others died from famine, disease, and other reasons.

That’s just two examples where people had hope -spirit, even in moments of doubt. The will to live on.


P.S. I would say that this post was well-written..but could’ve been better. [:

P.S.S. I now fully understand the phrase,”Actions louder than words.” Semi-thanks to Pinkstarbritney.


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