Ladybella Got Scammed. Double Traded. Frisky Gone.

Okay..first off, if you are double trading with a stranger on Fantage, you should be wary if:

  • they are a low level
  • they’re name has little to no numbers in them
  • if their offer seems too good to be true

Its best to just not double trade in the first place. And if you really, really do despite everything, RECORD them. That may hardly do anything either. 

In this case, Britney (Pinkstarbritney) double traded with Mellissa_. She said she would give Autumn hair for Frisky. Obviously didn’t happen.

Here are the screenshots (which are proof) that were kindly provided by Britney:

Sorry that they are out of order..and some of them are just extra. See Britney’s thoughts here:



P.S. Again, sorry for all the Fantage posts, Hazel. There seems to be moments where I just make a ton of them. Oh, and sorry to the other people who were also annoyed. 


8 thoughts on “Ladybella Got Scammed. Double Traded. Frisky Gone.

    • Usually fantage won’t give you the item back(unless they recieve a lot of requests to give you the item back? Other bloggers say this is how to get the item back). There is no guarantees tht you will get the item back. Honestly, the fault is also on you, since you agreed to double trade, I’m assuming.

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