Fantage CoffeeMugs

Ok, so I’m having my first raffle! I think im going to do this bi-monthly, depending what items I have. Or I might do it every month. (its the 5th, Rose. Dont forget.) So, this is how its gonna work. Ill shove all the names into a randomizer, or put them in a hat or something.


First person: You can pick two items from the list.

Second: Pick another 

Third: You get whats left.

How entry is going to work:

1 entry: Comment below, “Im entered.

2 entrys: Reblog

2 entrys: Like

3 entrys: Get someone else to reblog (have them comment “___ got me to reblog!”

Thats all 🙂

10 entrys: Donate an account! I will also give you the pass to the “Awesome stuff for the observant page” ~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Instead of the red top, Its flower drop hair.

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