Here Is A Real Life Post from a Real Life Person

I seriously ran out of ideas.

Of what to post.

I think this is what you would call “writer’s block”.

Lets review what have happened:

– I won a contest 😀
-Mersay didn’t release her contest’s end date yet
-I’m stalking Fantage Giveaway pages on FB
-there is another copier:
– if s/he didn’t copy you, I don’t think you can report it. I’m not sure though.
-if she did copy you, report it for copyright infringement immediately.
-I’m bored
-I need the mom on Fantage to give me the board already.
-I want the black and blue board but yza is selling them for 9,500,000 stars, and I don’t have that much since I don’t spend all my time obsessed about collecting stars



17 thoughts on “Here Is A Real Life Post from a Real Life Person

  1. Oh and I was visiting fantagelovestruck and II discovered that if you go to the pretty girl fantagians it says “HUGE COPYRIGHTS! DO NOT COPY!!! NEVER!!!!”
    Get it?

  2. …they also copied fantageville’s fantage paparazzi.
    “Me: Again, people copying and pasting this whole article, it’s copyrighted to Fantageville and the casey_cow101. So, if you see this post on anymore besides, then email immediately! Anyway…have you ever been hacked? And what is some advice you have to stay unhacked?”
    if they’re gonna copy they should at least take away those parts
    >.< sorry if i'm spamming comments

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