Fantage Mems Vs. Nons- Why It Might Have Started

Image Courtesy of My Random Guide

This is how I think why the “mem vs. non” thing started on Fantage. And it seemed to end just recently.


What is Fantage? Well, if you didn’t know what Fantage was, this post might actually be meaningless to you! In basic terms, Fantage is a kid-friendly MMORPG developed by Fantage, Inc. It became available to the general public in April of 2008, and since then, the community has grown tremendously. Fantage now has over 16 million registered users.

What is Mem Vs. Nons?

Its like an idea. A state of being. Some may even compare it to a religion. Not everyone believed in it. And for the most part, nons and mems coexisted peacefully.

Mems Vs. Nons is when non-premium members on Fantage hated the premium members on Fantage, and vice versa.  Non-premium members (officially dubbed as “members” by Fantage) had the nickname “nons”. Members (officially dubbed as “premium members by Fantage; its community call them members for short) had the nickname “mems”.

Why did the nons hate the mems?

Here is my reasoning:

  • Nons were plain jealous. The mems got all the good looking stuff, and they got extra benefits. Nons only had ‘okay’ quality looking stuff, and no extra benefits. Nons are also much more restricted than mems.
  • EDIT: Its also because nons were picked on by most mems. They were made fun of for having “Noob” stuff, or looking ugly. (Added in part by Rose of

Why did the mems hate the nons?

Here is my reasoning:

  • Mems are like the ‘rich’ class of Fantage. To them, nons were essentially in poverty. Nons complained about the cost of membership. They complained about every single thing on Fantage that costed real life money. Mingling with nons was a big disgrace- maybe even as far as unspeakable.

Did Fantage intended for this to happen?

No. No, no, no, no. Fantage probably never even thought this would happen. Fantage is the only MMORPG that I know that had a huge rivalry between the 2 ‘classes’.

Is every Fantagian like this?

No. There were some that were indifferent about nons, and vice versa.

Is this still going on now? Why?

No, for the most part, this isn’t going on anymore. This feud started to die off as Fantage got “new”. I would say that the final point which officially marked the end of Mems Vs. Nons was when Trade & Sell was opened. Another thing that help contributed to ending this was the “Earn eCoins” option, where you just watch a video to earn a certain amount of ecoins.

Why did Trade & Sell ended it?

Trade & Sell allowed everyone to get good items.

Image courtesy of My Random Guide


Mems vs. Nons doesn’t really exist anymore. It ceased to exist a while ago. Finally, some peace. And who knows what else is coming up.

Fantage has a bright future ahead – and we are heading into it.


See anything incorrect in this post? Feel free to comment any questions or suggestions to help improve this post. 


12 thoughts on “Fantage Mems Vs. Nons- Why It Might Have Started

  1. Hmmm… It seems that the “Trade n’ Sell” did help stop the nons vs. mems but now we have another problem~ “SCAMMING.”

  2. The trade ‘n’ sell has 2 problems ”scamming” and ”hacked”. Scamming is just by double trading while hacking is using the trade n sell to get the items into the hackers account.

  3. i just dont like the fact that fantage dosent do free trials, so that way if your trial has ended, you can still keep the stuff that you bought with your membership. 🙂

    • I know that there is this other game like Fantage except with pandas, and they give you a free 2 or 3 day membership. Fantage should do something like that..

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