All Hell Breaks Loose

No..not really.

But I would like to post this post just in case a copier isn’t going to comply. This post is only to note the date by which I gave the copier the 72 hour notice to remove the copied content. I also uploaded a video to YouTube. To further have evidence that supports the date by which I gave the warning. The copier has until May 20, 2013 at 9:40 AM PST to remove the content. Otherwise, more consequences will follow.

Oh..and here is the video:


10 thoughts on “All Hell Breaks Loose

          • Nope..this was a first time..but i think i handled it well..instead of screaming “OMIGOD SOME BTCH COPIED ME KLDSJFLJDS:LKFJ THEY WILL SUFFFFERRRRR.” xD instead I went,”Okay..someone copied me..*kind of panic for a moment*..just send them the promised warning and report if they dont comply..”

            Have you got any problems? Well, since you are like mostly photographing, all you are really needing to worry about is people copying your images from Google or something..if someone did, you can tell them to take down the pic, and afterwards, you acn sue them(;

          • Aha lol.. I really don’t like people freaking out over something that could be easily solved. You did handled it well (specially when you didn’t call them names)

            Not really.. I would feel flattered if someone copied me, sorta like you think my work is good enough to copy… But so far no problems. I think if someone copied me, I’d just tell them to stop and if they don’t, I’ll figure out something.

          • I know..i did feel a little flattered, but if they end up making money, or getting more views than me for copying, then I will go a little crazy..

            I hadnt found a way to use your photos yet(; but if I do use it, I’ll give credit in the captions. but i can find good pictures that are completely free to use on

            But honestly, I see blogs that copied someone as a waste of a perfectly good URL..and i think those blogs could have great potential if they didnt copy. Or at least, become one of those ‘minor’ blogs.

          • YES..
            They could have good potential.. Yes, copying would be irritating..

            I must go on! Thanks for the info.

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