Fantage Pick A Pet Contest!


Special thanks to Legends of the Spiral (:

So I’m hosting another contest..for another Fantage I am playing too! Just for fun though..(:

This is the first time I am trying something new, so it might not go as planned, but lets see how far this goes. And it needs your participation to work(:

This contest will be at Fantage Sales! No, you don’t need to spend any money.

What you basically do:

Pick a pet for points. By May 31, whoever has the most points gets the prize.

Here is the link to the contest. You will get more information there:

Want bonus points? 

Here is how you get bonus points:

Like this post~ 20 points

Reblog this post~100 points


Follow this blog~ 100 points

Note: You will only be given the bonus points if you notify me by comment of which you have completed. The bonus points is not added automatically.

Any questions? Comment them below!

I will add these to the final balance from the Pick A Pet contest. Make sure your Legends of the Spiral username is the same as your WordPress username so I can verify it is you, or comment what your Legends of the Spiral username is. Any unknown Legends of the Spiral usernames entered will be disqualified in the running.



People who got bonus points:

Britney(britney6121)~ 240 bonus points

Cat (light2charmer)~ 2440 bonus points

Slushipup1903~ 240  bonus points Still needs to pick at least one pet 

Foreverball11(foreverball11) ~2 240 bonus points 

Coolcat166 a.k.a pinkypinky_on_tablet (Athena_girl)~240 bonus points

iSakura (FantageSakura)~ 240 bonus points 

Peaceout4ever~ 240 points Still needs to tell me her username on Legends of the Spiral

Penguin34579(Penguin34579)~ 240 points

Melanie1629 (melanie1629)~2 290 points 

Lilly2886 ~240 points

Lllrocks22~120 points

Thank you to everyone who have joined! If you are considering to join, or have joined, please make sure that you give me your LotS (Legends of the Spiral) username. 

Don’t forget to pick a pet each hour! Good luck to everyone! (:


69 thoughts on “Fantage Pick A Pet Contest!

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    • It’s a one time sign up..that you can do in 5 minutes..and it would be likely for me to do more of these contests so it really isn’t going to waste

  2. I liked, followed, reblogged (my blog is private), and this is a comment!
    I will make an account for it now.

    • What do you mean by pick a pet once an hour? On fantage or the game we have to sign up?

      My name for the game or whatever it’s called is foreverball11

      • In the game, you pick a pet by clicking on it(such as clicking on Bloopie). After it has been an hour from the time you last clicked on it, you can click on the same pet again, or choose something else. Did that make sense? If you have any more questions, feel free to comment.

        And thanks for joining! I appreciate it! 😀

        I’ll add in your bonus points once I get on the computer. Btw, are you able to take a screenshot of the reblog and give me the link so I can verify?

  3. Makes sense now. 🙂 oh and cat invited me. I saw her REBLOG. But how do you know if we clicked on our pet or not? Do we tell you?

    • No, the pets part is almost like decoration. Just click on any pet; even if you don’t own them on fantage. I won’t need to know what pet you clicked. I can check the amount of points you have by seeing the leader boards. Just choose a pet and hope you get a lot of points!! 😃 😀

  4. Leaderboards? On fantage? Uh… Nevermind. 🙂
    Since im 10. I AM SO CONFUSED! Im going to eat some beef jerkey. Lol

  5. I commented! (this is my comment)
    I followed!
    I reblogged!
    I liked!
    My pet: Snowball (is that its name? The pet that is a white snowball with blue antennas)
    My username in that website: melanie1629

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    • prob.. Told you it will work(;

      I have puffin on my mom’s phone and the trial expired, but I could still type on that..

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