More Wizard101-y Now

Ah..Wizard101..I remember when I liked it more than Fantage..

And now that’s coming back..

And since my parents are buying me crowns (a measly 5,000 though…but I get 1250 extra 😀 I’ll explain why later in this post). 

Do you have a wizard? Comment your true friend code! 😀 I’ll try to use it before someone else does..oh, and I’ll add you on my muted account. Muted means I can see what others say in text chat, and others see me as text chat, but I can’t talk in text chat. Only menu chat ._. They should have like a muted symbol or something..

Picture 2013-05-20 06-52-16

Guess who I’m fighting right now 😀

If you want to join me in Wizard101, comment below, and I’ll email you a special signup link! At that link, you would be signing up under my friend code. 

Why should I sign up under your friend code anyway? What’s the benefit for me?

The benefit? You will get a free buddy dragon at signup for your character. AND…if you spend $6 or more for any Wizard101 purchase, you will get 1250 crowns as an extra bonus. And I’ll get 1250 crowns too. ^.^ If you are planning on signing up on my link and possibly making a purchase, THANK YOU! 😀 It means a lot to me..

Plus, I’ll tell you some secrets(: and if you ever need help, just ask me! Oh..and No, I’m not a member. If I was, I’ll probably be level 80 by now instead of 29. But I’m working my way up to 30. c:

Oh..something about my wizard: Level 29 Balance~Seconday school: Life



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