A Story My Teacher Told Me

Here is why they have those “Caution: May Be Hot” on the cups they give you at a fast food restaurant according to my teacher:

Once, there was a person who ordered hot coffee. The waiter came and gave the brewed drink to her(I’m assuming this is a female).

The lady later spills the drink on herself, causing her skin to burn. She sued the restaurant because there was no warning that the drink was hot. She won the case.

Now companies put the warning on cups/lids so that won’t happen again.

And guess what?



Best part of Crab Alley ever 😉

And another thing. Scott Summerbreeze, my  level 22 life wizard, finally got Nature’s Wrath

Picture 2013-05-25 13-34-42

Yes, the skeletal pirate died shortly after.



13 thoughts on “A Story My Teacher Told Me

    • mhm..but the point was that she burned herself..and the reason why she was right to sue was that the waiter didnt tell her the coffee was hot…even though it was pretty much implied..:D :/

  1. I miss wizard101….had membership for about 3 months, but then stoped playing…long story, including a realllyy bad computer, and a father who wont let you download anything on the awesome laptop XD

  2. I used to play Wizard101 but once when I had to go charge my phone, I left the window (as in windows, tabs, on computers/laptops) open and my mom went on the computer, saw someone killing a skeleton thing and said it should be rated as ‘violence’ when really, she knows I act like a teenager, it should be normal for me. And she deleted it :/ The only downloaded game I have is ToonTown, I use to like when I was in year 1 buts it’s childish now.

    • Aw..that really isn’t violence though..she apparently never read the reviews first..xD

      It would be nice if you still played though..so you can add me.:D

      • Lol, I do want to play it, yeah, it’s not that violent, and I’m in year 5 anyway, you wouldn’t expect a year 2 to play it. I’ll see if I can download it (Maybe not, my brother put a virus on my computer (it makes a ringing sound every 2 hours), and I can’t download on the 2 laptops I have….

        • It’s about as violent as ToonTown..if that’s all the virus does, then it is really just annoying..if it is truly something malicious, you can use SUPERAntiSpyware or Hitman Pro to get rid of it. Even though Hitman Pro is great at its job, I have to restrt the computer afterwards because I can’t connect to the Internet after using the program.

          Advanced SystemCare also works for removing malware. (Gonna stop now..I’m starting to rant..)

          Someday, you should let me control your computer by TeamViewer or something ouo I would be able to do the stuff on it that you didn’t do to make it better xP lol

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