The Expensive Crafted Gear!

Two things I want to say first before I forget:

  1. Aaron. If you are reading this, expect your reply soon. Sorry for the delay >.< I got schoolwork to do.
  2. Really Don’t Care~ Demi Lovato. Good song. ;D


I got crafted gear on Wizard101! And its good too..:D

I bought them in Bazaar (just randomly stalking the items) and it was expensive ._. The robe costed around 10,000 gold, while the hat costed around 7,000 gold. Sadly, the shoes wasn’t being sold. 

After wearing the items, I ended up with 11% boost to balance damage attacks and 14% boost to death damage attack (which ended up useless to me). I also got 4% accuracy for death and balance, and 2% accuracy for all the other schools (the extra 2% accuracy came from my shoes that I’m thinking about stitching).

Here are some pictures of the craft items’ stats! The item on the left is the item I have equipped (which are the craft items; excluding the shoes), while the item on the left was the item that I used to wear. Except for the hat. I sold the one I wore earlier. 

Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20


That’s me right now! The shoes desperately needs to be stitched. Except I am waiting to get to level 60 or something so I can farm for Waterworks gear, then stitch those instead. I don’t know though. I might not reach there. 

I’m only level 34. On my way to 35. Just need around 10,000 more experience. 

And today, I soloed (ish. I was in there with a level 8 life wizard) the pagoda and WOULD’VE finished it but..the door after the cursed samurai (a.k.a cow hamburgers) didn’t open after I defeated them. Even if I did manage to kill one cow then died. But the battle after that I was able to kill the rest without dying. WHY KINGSISLE. I WAS SO CLOSE. 

Gotta go work on my project that is due tomorrow now.



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