And After Some Hard Work, Chase Gets Heckhound!

It really wasn’t that hard. But after enduring 3 rounds of a battle, you can call that hard work, right?

Famelia started off with telling me to collect a gem. I did. And as we continue down to the part of the quest that I actually have pictures of, I had to defeat an ice colossus in a storm chamber. Don’t ask me why some ice guy was hanging in a storm chamber waiting to defeat a fire student. I don’t know why.


After the colossus’ defeat, I got the breath of a giant on the gem. And then the gem turns blue. Red to blue. 😉

Taking the gem back to my teacher, she told me to summon a fire minion. Or was it called something else?


Honored I am! 🙂 Should I be creeped out that a giant dog was watching me?

He told me the magic words that I don’t remember, but in the end, I got the spell (:



Casting Heckhound

Me casting heckhound on a lumbering troll in Cyclops Lane (:



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