Instagram Reset Scam Spreads

There is a scam spreading across instagram about it “resetting”. If this change was real, you will most likely be notified of it by the official Instagram instead of from pictures from your friends.

Do not repost the chain message. Some images that spreads this scam even tell you that you have to follow a certain user. You should report the user immediately so Instagram can address the fake account.



10 thoughts on “Instagram Reset Scam Spreads

  1. Oh. You have instagram? Cool! Me, too. And yeah, I`ve heard of that… *~* I was #justincase mode that time. But I basically deleted the photos… Whats your account`s username? I`ll follow you. By the way, I don`t post myself… I`m kinda too shy.. 😳

        • LOL..Instagram will MOST likely stay free (just look at Facebook; Instagram is owned by Facebook)..and the only true source for that kind of information would be an email that Instagram sent to many people are gullible -.-

          • I know! A few months ago, I received a chain message in my feed that said “Instagram will soon have video, but you will have to pay $3 a month! Repost to get free video on Instagram!” Well look now, Instagram has video now, and you don’t see me paying for it.

    I liked so many of your posts. 🙂

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