Want $2,000 points for my contest?

Ignore that dollar sign ._.

First 3 people to comment get 2,000 points toward their running in my current contest.

One catch. You have to tell about what is your favorite thing to do is or what was the most annoying thing that have happened to you. It must be at least 3 sentences long. The 3 sentences must be complete sentences that are at least 7 words long. It can be longer! And if you already put 3 complete sentences with at least 7 words in each of them, you can have more sentences that are shorter or longer!

Good luck!


23 thoughts on “Want $2,000 points for my contest?

  1. My favorite thing to do is to play sports, I am a tomboy so yeah.. I also like to go online and chat with friends, play Fantage, of course, and see anything new happens. I go on Facebook a lot and I sent you a friend request. I LOVEEE to write essays and stuff and people say im crazy when it comes to writing. As you can see, I am including LOTS of sentences because I love to write!!!

    MY POINTS!!! Im going to get at least 9,000 points I think. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHMWHAHAHAHAAH

    • ….Sorry for spamming but I just realized that I was never in your contest ….so please dont make this count

  2. Hello there person stalking me. I am a person who loves music, especially anime music. Anime music, I bet you’re wondering why. Anime music isn’t tainted with cussing and it has saved my life when I have felt down. Math, I love math, writing is such a hard “thing” to do. Not to offend anyone but even writing this tiny paragragh was hard for me. (ahh need to get to the point!) My friendsare also a huge factor in my life. They are so loyal and to be honest they would never lie to me.


      One of my favorite “things” to do is to try out new games. It’s really exciting, fun, and entertaining. Games can take you to a new wworld where your parents don’t yell at you for every teeny mistake that you do wrong. So let’s say that you have had a long day, your teachers assigned mountains of homework. How will it be done? Do you hold it off until you go to sleep or do you instaitly do it? Most would just procrastinate, but when you thinnk of the long road ahead doing homework equals a reward. My would be to try a new game. I also enjoy doing math. Math, you probably must be wondering, well then here is the scoop. Im left brained.

      (wow this was hard to do)

  3. Who’s soontobe4ever?

    Anyway, I like to dance ballet, and I’m in the level G4. I also play the violin and I am in the school orchestra. I enjoy writing as well, as you may tell from my posts.

    Um, since soontobe4ever seems to not be on the participants list.,…do I get the points? O.o

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