What I Learned About Ranked PvP

I thought I would never think using TC was cheating..until I tried ranked PvP and every single freaking person uses treasure cards. That means, I would need to use treasure cards too..-.-

And since I am a higher level, I pretty much end up battling level 10 commanders with 35% resist. ._.

Doing ranked PvP did not make me learn anything. Except for one of the match. I was on my life wizard then, and going against another life wizard. And his strategy was brilliant and simple. I couldn’t believe I never thought of it before..although I think if I was a different school, he would’ve quickly adopted a different strategy.

Here is the basis of what I learned: Let the minions do all the taunting. While you just mostly support yourself and the minion.

Start off with absorb on yourself. Then summon a minion. When the minion gets close to dying or attacked, you heal it. Scatter some attacks in. When summoning a life minion, be sure to put absorb on it.



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