I’ve Decided

Before I say what I decided (and its not spamming your emails with my short posts), I’m going to say something that I have noticed: I mostly get views from old posts. Not my new ones..no..just the old ones.

Now back to the title. I will do a DOUBLE Fantage item giveaway (heh heh) when I get 10,000 views.

Oh, that isn’t good enough? 😀 Well you are in luck then! If this VERY post gets AT LEAST 7 reblogs, AND..I end up with 20,000 views by the end of June (yes, I’m making this near to impossible..), I will host a giveaway for a $5 Amazon gift card (or more if I am feeling nice). I might even let you guys choose between several different $5 (or maybe more if I get even more views than the amount said earlier) gift cards!

So reblog and start the viewing frenzy!



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