Someone Called Me A Noob on Wizard101 didn’t bother me at all. It actually amused me a little.

So I was just minding my own business in my battle, THEN..he just messaged me saying that I was a noob and that he hated me. He also said that he was going to delete me (he was on my friend list for some reason). Note: All this while, he kept reminding me I was a noob, as if I didn’t understood it when he said first said it. So I replied back that I had no idea who he was.

He said that I used to talk to him a lot until the day I called him a bad word. Mind you, I don’t just call random people bad words..I only say it to my close friends, and when I do, I’m mostly joking. I said I don’t remember him, or calling him a bad word, then he went to say that I called him it a few days ago..WHICH I don’t remember calling anyone a bad word a few days ago..I was too busy questing for that.

I just wanted to tell people that. 😛

Oh..and I’ve noticed that people don’t really use emoticons like :mrgreen: anymore..

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