A Butterfly Tried to Touch Me

I was outside. Obviously..since I don’t keep butterflies in my house..(take my word for it).

Then this red butterfly started to fly around me and was trying to land on me for something. First I thought, “Cool! THE BUTTERFLY WILL LAND ON ME AND IT WILL BE LIKE IN THOSE MOVIES.”

But the butterfly kept flying there. And it started to look creepy for some reason. So I ended up thinking that it might not actually be a butterfly but some red flying poisonous bug that will bite me.

Again, there was a butterfly.

Ignore my unknown fear of butterflies flapping their wings all over in my face.



5 thoughts on “A Butterfly Tried to Touch Me

    • Lol..idk why a butterfly was getting near me..it never happened before xD

      Maybe it was because I was in the donut shop for a few hours..

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