Contest Ideas

Any ideas for my upcoming contest? You guys will help reach that goal right?

Comment what you think will be best for this contest ($5 gift card given).

Have something you are exceptionally good at? You can try to turn that into a contest idea..and comment it. 😛


Right now, I am thinking of having you guys try to find me on Fantage or Wizard101..maybe even both..but if I do decide to do the ‘Find Me’ thing, you guys better start playing Wizard101 🙂 so you will be able to go to all the free-to-play areas. If you want a refer link(if you sign up by this referral link, you will get 500 bonus crowns if you spend $6 or more), please take a look on the messages portion at my chat. The link should be there.

We only need around 1,700 views..thanks to fillis for finding that out.


20 thoughts on “Contest Ideas

    • 😛 mwahaha..I’m thinking of making it a points contest..and finding me on w101 will get you WAY more points than finding me on fantage, since it will be harder to find me on w101

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