Test Realm is Open!


These new test realm updates seem exciting!

Aquila is a brand new world that is currently only available on the test realm.
Aquila is home to the Immortal Games, an epic challenge hosted by the magical Immortals. The Games will push a Wizard to the limits, and are an excellent test of determination, wit, and fortitude. You will be able to obtain unique and powerful items from these dungeons like you’ve never before seen in the Spiral!

If you are level 30 or higher, speak to Cyrus Drake in the Myth School room of Ravenwood for a special assignment; “Quest for Glory”. Aquila is a collection of new Zones within Wizard City that contain challenging dungeons and rewards for levels 30+, 70+ and 90+.

Then..there’s the new minion spells. You have to be lvl 75 or higher and have gotten your level 55 spell from the quest “The Runedown”. These spells also cannot be used in PvP.


Locking items- once this feature hit live realm, you can lock certain items to prevent it from being sold, trashed, or fed to your pet accidentally.


Deck renaming- this feature allows you to rename your deck from a preselected list of words, such as the renaming of your pet. Time for me to stock up on useless decks *-*

There are also other miscellaneous updates, such as adding silver chests throughout Wizard City, Krokotopia, and Mooshu.

Read more: https://www.wizard101.com/game/update-notes/testrealm


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