Fantage CoffeeMugs

Hey, so everyone, CHILL THE FUCK OUT! jeez. yall need to calm yo asses downnnnnnn. XD. No, but seriously, you guys *no names shall be named* need to stop the freaking drama. You dont need to call each other names. People, stop the backstabbing. Also, its a game. It only matters a little bit if your items are scammed. Tell me if you get scammed, I might be able to make you happy 😉 (its a surprise). Stop this back-and-forth posting and name calling. I challenge you to be the bigger person, and not let someone else get to you. Obviously, if your yelling at them for calling you names, YOURE FOLLOWING THEM! DURR. So, just stop reading their posts. If you are calling someone names, GET A LIFE. jeez, you dont need to go around calling someone names.

So, I challenge you guys to spread the word, and bring…

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