Getting. Even. Closer.

We are getting even closer to 10,000 views! I just want to get this contest over with lol
Here are some more sneak peeks into the contest:
-still haven’t decided if it should be point based or not. Tell me what you want in the comments (: It will be a point based contest, that may also involve another Pick A Pet.
-I WILL be doing a ‘find me’ on Fantage and Wizard101. I will post the date and time ahead of time. Sometimes I may make it spontaneously. I will be adding a contest page to help you keep up with the dates and times. 
-For the ‘find me’ on Wizard101 and Fantage, I will be telling you the server/realm*. It will be a small server and realm to make sure you can easily find me. I will post an image of what I will be wearing. 
-For Wizard101, I’m torn between choosing Triton Avenue or Unicorn Way as the place I will be hiding in. To help influence which I will choose, comment what you think will suit best. 
-Reblogging will not be required to join. However, if you invite someone, and they say you invited them in the comments, you will earn bonus points. If you post on your blog about them to join this contest and say that you invited them, you will earn bonus points, as long as it fits the following description:
                -Not a REBLOG 
                -Not a post that really just says “JOIN AND SAY I INVITED YOU!!!”. Make it more meaningful?
And that’s what I have <strong>so far.</strong> if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment it below.
Side note: Foreverball, I replied to your comment when you were logged out. Please reply to it ASAP. 

6 thoughts on “Getting. Even. Closer.

  1. Hehe. LOL. You put a / in between the . If you’re using the app. Then…. I don’t know where im going. lol nvm. Ill reply to your comment.

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