Contest. Part 1.

For this part, it will be basic, since I’m not on the computer.

PRIZE: $5 gift card

CONTEST TYPE: Points Based

ACTIVITIES: Find Me, Referring, Drawing, and more!

Here is what to do for this part:
Make the ugliest drawing/graphic ever! Yes, this contest is for those horrible at drawing(like me). You can use whatever method to make the horrible drawing(make sure it’s screen-breaking worthy 😉 ). We should be able to tell what you drawn. Once you are done with your picture, upload it to TinyPic or some other image hosting site, then comment the link to the image.

First Place: 1,000 points
Second Place: 500 points
Third Place: 250 points
All other entries will receive 10 points.

If you referred someone, and they comment that you invited them, then you will get 100 points, ONLY if the referrer completes at least this activity.

Good luck!


85 thoughts on “Contest. Part 1.

  1. Wait what. I can’t draw ugly by hand. Lol, I’ll just draw some random ugly orange or something in Paint. 😉 Can I do that? ono I have to leave soon. TcT

  2. OH AND FOREVERBALL INVITED ME BTW EVEN though i already saw this before she sent the email, but I’m being nice. Like always.. (I just gave foreverball 2 levels)

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