Get Bonus Points!

Here’s how to get bonus points for the current contest:

1) Go to

2) Find all the changes/new features I added to it (if you find anything wrong, please notify me)

3) First person to comment all the new additions to that website will receive 500 points. The only person not allowed to do this mini activity is Pinkstarbritney.



19 thoughts on “Get Bonus Points!

    • can try using Wayback Machine (just find it by google) and see if they have crawled it before. IF they have, you be able to see wht the site looked like in the past.

  1. You removed Fake Fantage Hacks Released!
    Changed the Background
    Added “Do you Have a Blog?” page

    All I could find. Btw, I can’t go on W101. 😦

      • Computer’s not on. I have to ask my mom to sign in (with a password) Yeah… Im on my iPad. As Usual and always.

          • 12:00 , after lunch. When my brother is gone so it’ll be better. Ill ask my mom a head of time so she’ll know

          • Okay. I’ll make it at 1:00 PM then..or 12:30 or something. ..depends on whats happening..i’ll have to decide..

          • Oh..right..
            I got a few questions then x)

            1) is your computer normally slow?
            2) will you be on at exactly 12:00?
            3) N/A

            I just want to know so i can give some time for you to get everything set up

          • 1) nope, fast all the time. But when im listening to music, it can disconnect and stop plugin.
            2)I don’t know. Ill be on Maybe 11:45 ish. So I’ll have some time to download.

          • 3) N/A means Not i didnt really have a third question lol

            okay..I’ll go update the page right now.

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