Is anybody going to do the Find Me for Wizard101? Point value have been raised from 1,200 to 1,900.

If you are going to be doing the Find Me, please comment below. I want to do a count.


The Find Me with me will be rescheduled today to a later time. For the usual 9:00 am PST Find Me, my sister will be hiding and you will have to find her. She will post the details later today.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



2 thoughts on “Hello?

  1. So we don’t have to find you? We have to find your sister? Or both? And im going to do the find me. My W101 username is REMOVED. 🙂

    • No..Yes..Okay. Here:

      Right now, for the 9:00 am Find Me, you have to find my sister. For the original Find Me(that has been rescheduled), you will be finding me.

      Dont give out your W101 username..or password..o.-

      Other people wont be able to see it, what they see is your wizard’s name, which you will be able to create.

      I’ll edit out your username..

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