Contest! Part 2! Winners!

Since there were only two entries, I didn’t have to look through many entries. Seriously, Cat, you failed me. You could have at least sent in a  picture of your current Fantagian without trying and gotten 1,000 free points.

Anyways, since I am not judging this on whether you look good or not( next time I do something like this, I gotta have everyone wear the same eyes so it won’t affect my choice; like just a screenshot of your Fantagian in the preview section of the tanning place with innocent eyes), I chose 1st place by how many items they were wearing that were specifically “birthday” related items.

1st Place:

2nd Place:

Your points will be added! Stay tuned for the next and final part to the contest. After the final part, the only other way to earn points is to do the “be first” activities, and the upcoming fashion show. Anyone want to suggest a date and time? I want the most people that can attend to attend.



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