Just Wanted to Share This Story

A friend of my on Wizard101 said that Life was more powerful than Balance.

So we did a PvP match(both of us were the same level, so that made sure he didn’t make any “you’re a higher level” excuses). And I pawned him. Full pip Judgement spell was all it took ^~^ (and I made him cast a satyr for nothing)

I wish I recorded that battle lol

I never lost to that guy once..except for a “rematch” where we weren’t allowed to shield or heal. And it was because I fizzled.

I never really lost a PvP match. Unless the other person is a way higher level than me. Or it’s in ranked PvP(those annoying TC-using warlords with high resist).

I would be able to defeat them if they didn’t use treasure cards. Oh..except I did manage to defeat this warlord in test realm..I just had to keep my health high and shields up. And since she was a low level, she didn’t have a large deck space. So I just had to keep alive while she used all her treasure cards.


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10 thoughts on “Just Wanted to Share This Story

    • If you have NO more cards left, then the match is over and the person who still have cards is the winner. Using Reshuffle is a good way to bring back all your cards, unless you only put one in your deck and you already used it. Once you use a treasure card( aka TC), they do not come back.

      Some people refuse to give up like when both of them can’t kill one another because they are all out of attacks, so sometimes a PvP match can become a “passing war”, where both player keep passing until the other player gives up.

      Unrelated topic: If I PvP someone and both me and him/her run out of cards, I know that s/he has done well. So we both are pretty matched.

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