There is One Person Who I Know to Always Ignore

Sometimes I read stuff on the Wizard101 Message Boards.

There is ONE person that I know to just ignore all his/her posts, because every last one of his/her posts I see have some sort of negativity to it. There has never been a post I’ve seen of its that is positive.

I won’t say the name of the person, but I’ll say that his/her name matches the content of his/her posts.


And I must admit, some people are that bright. I was reading this topic of gifting bad items to beggars that start out good, but end up horrible over time.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Had nobody ever thought that they would know what the item does? It won’t be effective for long. Especially since if W101 decides to add it, they will HAVE to tell what it does. Or else someone who isn’t a beggar might buy it for themselves, then realize it isn’t good.

I honestly have no problems with beggars. If someone asks me for crowns, I just say I don’t have any. It’s a simple solution.


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