Contest! Last Part~

What you do: Write and comment a paragraph about why you like this website, what gift card you might want if you win, how you first came across this site, and what this site has done for you.

Everyone gets points. You will get 100 points for every sentence you write. I will judge what counts as a sentence and what does not.

This ends ON Friday, SO get your submissions in before Friday.



22 thoughts on “Contest! Last Part~

  1. a WHOLE paragraph…. When it comes to writing/typing. I’ve got lots to type about it! (I love writing) Maybe about 12 sentences. 😀

  2. I like Almost Perfect Thoughts because its always about fun contests, very unique, and its all about the owner’s thoughts and randomness. Again, its very fun and unique, but there is just one thing that makes Almost Perfect Thoughts perfect, Jeff. Jeff is so nice and sweet, he cares about his friends and fans. Not only does he care, he wants his fans to be happy! That’s one thing that makes me smile whenever I visit APT, which is everyday. I remember the first time I saw this blog, it was a reblog! Maybe from MyRandomGuide, but Im glad I found it. It brings so much excitement into posts each and every day. Since it was exciting, fun, and awesome in the words of your posts, I decided to visit daily. This blog did a lot to me. Great new adventures came across. Such as winning contests, being featured in a few posts, and lots of help. It helped me on lots of stuff with WordPress, which is somewhat very cool. I am very very happy I found this blog.

    I would like a UGC if I win.

    Did I write too much?
    Too little?


  3. Almost Perfect Thoughts is like a delightful package. It includes all the elements needed to make a great blog. It’s unique, updated often, has fantage tips , and useful blogging tips like backing up your blog and tools such as the text generator. I like how it’s not based on one or two specific topics,but a variety. Of course there’s also humor and randomness. The most important thing that ties the whole package together is a  nice and fun owner. Without a good admin, it would just be another blog. Plain and boring, with no purpose to serve. With Jeff as the admin it makes the blog 10x better. He appreciates and cares about his viewers and friends. He does what he likes to do, and it brings joy to his viewers. They can always count on him for a good laugh. If I win ( highhlyy unlikely) I’d want an ultimate game card?
     I don’t remember exactly how I discovered this blog, but I think it was either a reblog or a site recommendation. Most likely it was the site recommendations, on the right side of the reader. The title caught my eye. It wasn’t Fantage____ something, like the more common blog names. At first it reminded me of Eli’s blog, Accidental Thoughts, ’cause you know, the word “Thoughts”. So I clicked on it and scrolled through a few posts, which I enjoyed reading. Then I clicked “follow” and that is the story of how I found this blog ,lol… This site has been quite helpful to me, especially that post about making your password harder to hack. Sometimes I forget my password and your tip helped me alot! And my cousin too! She always forgets her password, then I showed her the post. The part with ”I want to live in New York City when I grow up to be 24 years old” can be change into a password- IwtliNyCwIgutb24yo.” That tip saved me from forgetting my password to my e-mail for nth time… I also just like reading your posts for fun because it’s entertaining….

    I’M DONE!! Lol is that long enough? 


      Yes, that’s long enough.

      And..yay..another person who wants a UGC lol. I’ll need to order one from SB today since there is a sale

      • NOOOOOOOO!! You have more sentences than me!!!! Nooooooooo Thats … That’s … I did good for a 10 year old! :mrgreen: lol Im jealous of her paragraph/writing. And most of it sounded like mine. Most, not all. ;D good luck..

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